Poll: Do You Remember What Names You Were Called As a Child?

It’s No-Name Calling Week, so think of something nice to say.

Education groups across the country have designated this week as “No-Name Calling Week.”

Many schools are embracing the idea, including , which is participating in the national initiative. 

In Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick has declared Wednesday No-Name Calling Day, and the Boston Herald reports the governor has urged students to wear black in a demonstration against bullying.

Schools and communities have tried various approaches to stem bullying.

A theatre troupe in Eldersburg from its production for displaying “unkind tendencies.”

The ’s asking teens and experts to talk about bullying and name-calling.

“Bullying is not often physical, but more about the systematic breaking down of someone's social reputation,” said junior Adam Albaari at the event. “And it happens very swiftly, usually within a few days. And then that person is done socially for a while.”

recently posted about how she and her older sister were targets of bullies during their walks home from school in Brooklyn.

Years later, her sister still remembered the names they were called, a riff on their last name of Lirtzman: “Lirtzy-banana.”

Whatever the name meant, Worthington wrote that the boys “made a game out of making us miserable.”

Weigh in below or in our poll. What name were you called as a kid? Does it still bother you today?

Kate Yemelyanov January 26, 2012 at 02:55 PM
How-WEIRD. Howard was my maiden name.
Lisa Rossi (Editor) January 26, 2012 at 04:17 PM
People called me "spaz" for being excitable. I hated that.


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