Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case Against Allen Dyer

Final arguments in the Howard County school board's case against Dyer are scheduled for Wednesday.


Testimony continued Friday after a judge Wednesday denied a  in the hearing to remove Allen Dyer from the Howard County Board of Education, the Howard County Times reported.

The Baltimore Sun reported that during Wednesday’s testimony, Dyer responded to individual accusations laid out in  in June of 2011, which sought to have Dyer removed by the state from his position on the Board.

 were charges that Dyer had breached confidentiality rules and that his repeated lawsuits against the Board had made it difficult for the Board to function. The suit also alleged that he used his position to “threaten, bully or embarrass other members of the Board and school staff.”  

“Actions I have taken that have embarrassed any individual, I am sorry and I apologize for it,” Dyer reportedly testified during Friday’s hearing. “But the fact that there is disagreement on the board should not be looked at as something that undermines the functioning of the board of education.”

Final arguments are scheduled for Wednesday, June 11, according to Dyer.

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