Pasco County Looking Into Collier Parkway Concerns

Just days after the 1.8-mile extension’s opening, Patch readers have raised a number of complaints.

The ribbon had barely hit the ground on the when Patch readers began raising concerns about this new stretch of road.

“Because you have flow both ways on Collier, then the cars coming up Bell Lake to Collier, it's very confusing because no one seems to know when it's ‘their time’ to go,” wrote reader Kimberly Canals.

The Heron Point resident first raised her concerns on the Land O’ Lakes Patch Facebook page. She said, “the extra traffic on Collier Parkway makes getting out of my neighborhood nearly impossible now.”

Canals said it’s harder at rush hour.

also raised concerns, specifically about the intersection of Collier and Hale Road.

“If you are traveling West on Hale Road, off of Canterbury Drive, you now have a stop sign at Collier Parkway,” Van Hout wrote. “The problem is, that in order to see northbound or southbound traffic coming at you, you must pull forward past the cross walk.”

Patch reader commented on a story about the extension’s official opening.

“The intersection used to have a flashing stop sign on Collier (Parkway) and now that is gone,” she wrote. “The cars on Hale were not used to stopping and now they have a stop. I fear there will be a death there unless other, more obvious, signs are put up.”

Pasco County officials are aware of the concerns and are looking into them, said Robert Reck, the county's traffic operations manager.

“I was out looking at this yesterday and I have directed that additional warning signs for the intersection with advisory speed plates will be installed northbound and southbound on Collier,” Reck wrote in an April 7 email. “Work orders are being issued to Public Works for the signs and they should be installed in a couple of days.”

Tree trimming trucks and a warning sign on Hale were visible on Thursday.

Reck said the county is also looking into other safety concerns.

“We have scheduled traffic counts at the intersection to determine if any other devices are required,” he wrote.

The $4.3 million extension of Collier Parkway opened to traffic March 30, ahead of schedule. The road routes traffic away from Lake Padgett toward Parkway Boulevard and Ehren Cutoff. The official ribbon cutting was held earlier this week.

Dennis Costantino April 08, 2011 at 03:00 PM
Another example of out off control Pasco county government. I unfortunately live on Collier Parkway, aka speedway or 41 shortcut, and now have the displeasure of having a highway pass by my home 24/7. The sadness that goes through me when I see how complete mismanagement by the county in the terms of growth is immeasurable. There is no reason Collier should be the shortcut for EVERY school bus in Central Pasco but it is about 120 buses pass by in the morning and the afternoon. The road surface is getting destroyed and it is not even 10 years old. If the "leaders" in the county could Plantation Palms another exit other than the ONE that dumps them onto Collier parkway without a light it might relieve the massive back ups and delays at 54 and Collier. Just like the housing bubble they help create their road planning is a recipe for disaster.
Xenia Seiler April 08, 2011 at 09:15 PM
Not only do we have to sit and wait to get out of our subdivision but, there has also been so many accidents right in the intersection and entrance to Heron Point @ Sable Ridge! Not only because of the crossing intersection but cars come flying down Collier trying to beat out the other car where it merges from two lanes to one, something needs to be done.
Yvette Manes April 08, 2011 at 09:31 PM
I agree with Dennis that Plantation Palms is going to need a light soon. Making a left is hard enough first thing in the morning without the added traffic from the new extension.
Ms. Walla April 10, 2011 at 02:41 PM
For the last 16 years, I have lived on the corner of Parkway Bvld. (at the light), and Collier Parkway. Essentially, I have two highways going by my house 24/ 7. There have been (in the last 12 months) 3 wrecks at that corner, with the cars ending up on the lawn just past the white picket fence. Just 2 weeks ago a 15 year old kid with his daddy's brandnew truck crashed onto my FRONT lawn, under my cherry tree and right through the white picket fence. This corner is where everyone tries to get the green light by speeding up 20 or 30 miles faster as soon as they see the yellow light. I am thinking about putting some 1/2 ton boulders all around my house and yard, as my house sits directly ajacent to the flow of traffic on BOTH roads, and LAKE PADGETT never built a privacy wall around my house. I am the only one on COLLIER PARKWAY WITHOUT A PRIVACY WALL. Home Owner: 3701 Parkway Boulevard
Sherri Lonon April 13, 2011 at 02:01 AM
Ms. Walla, I wanted to thank you for adding photos to the gallery on this. Yours say a thousand words and then some.


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