Liz Bobo's Open Seat Provides Opportunity

Newcomers and current elected officials are reportedly eyeing the seat.


After Delegate Liz Bobo announced she would not be returning to the General Assembly after her term ended in 2014, the question that remained was who would fill it?

Speculation abounded throughout the county about the newly redistricted District 12b seat, which includes a large chunk of western Columbia and parts of Ellicott City along Route 100.

Who do you think should take Bobo's seat? Tell us in comments.

Explore Howard speculated the main contender was Howard County Council chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty. Sigaty, who would be forced out of the Council by term limits in 2018, said Bobo's retirement "opens a new door," according to the article.

Sigaty did not return phone calls for comment Friday.

The article also listed Howard County Democrats Clarence Lam, a public health expert, Terri Hill, a plastic surgeon and Republican Joseph Hooe, of Landsdowne, who unsuccessfuly ran for the seat in 2010.

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Kenneth A. Stevens September 10, 2012 at 11:10 AM
Given that redistricting eliminated the split in Legislative District 12 and made a a district in which three delegates will be elected at large in 2014, no one should presume that there is only one seat (the one created by Liz Bobo's retirement) that is up for grabs here. It's quite conceivable that at least two of those elected in 2014 might be residents of Howard County (since it will likely have more voters than the portion of Baltimore County that is in the new LD12. Also, regardless of whichever is the county of residence of the three winners, voter registration figures and past election results pretty well ensure that they will all be Democrats.
Kenneth A. Stevens September 10, 2012 at 11:14 AM
Two typo corrections: "made it a district" in the first sentence and "in the new LD12)" in the second.


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