Kings Contrivance Election Pits Elephant vs. Polar Bear

On Saturday, young residents of Kings Contrivance will have to choose between two candidates in the village elections.


On Saturday, when the adults go to the polls to vote for village and Columbia Association board members, kids in Kings Contrivance will also be headed to the polls.

As part of a tradition at the community association, the kids will be voting for which animal to adopt from the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.

This year, the kids will be able to choose between an elephant and a polar bear, said Anne Brinker, Kings Contrivance village manager.

In case you’re wondering if the winning candidate will then be romping around the Kings Contrivance village center surrounded by its supporters, don’t worry, the animal is not physically adopted.

It will safely remain at the zoo.  But the community association will donate a small amount of money for its care, and in return, receive a stuffed animal and certificate signifying the newest member of the community.

Two years ago, the kids of Kings Contrivance selected the polar bear, and last year named the bear Snowball. This year, the strength of the incumbent polar bear may be too much for the challenger elephant to overcome. Ultimately, it will be up to the voters to decide.

Brinker said voting booths for kids will be set-up right next to the adult  stations and advised parents to bring their kids to the polls. 

“It’s real easy to vote,” said Brinker.

Candidate information, voting locations and poll hours for other village elections taking place on Saturday can be found in the Village Election Primer


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