Columbia Association Presents Four $5 to $7 Million Indoor Pool Options

Architects hired by Columbia Association presented four multi-million dollar options for a new indoor pool.


Columbia Association has narrowed down the options for a new indoor pool to four designs that would cost between $5 to $6 million at three different locations.

Representatives of Willaims Architects/ Aquatics, the firm hired by CA to handle aquatics upgrades, presented the options to about 50 community members at a meeting on Tuesday night at the Hawthorn Center.

The impetus for a new indoor pool is to provide more lap swimming options for CA members, according to Bob Bellamy, sport and fitness director for CA.

"We know we need additional indoor lanes in our aquatic facilities," said Bellamy, who cited interest in lap swimming for fitness as one of the reasons for a new indoor pool.

The proposals will be presented to the CA board on Jan. 10, then reviewed and voted on partly based on community feedback, which CA is taking on their aquatics website.

One resident asked at the meeting Tuesday night if the architects could provide staffing rates for each option, but Tom Poulous, of Williams Architects, said they had not done those calculations.

The resident pointed out staffing could increase operating costs, which may make one option more favorable over time, even if its initial cost is higher.

Marty Oltmanns, assistant director of aquatics for CA, said additional indoor pool space will provide more room for the Columbia Clippers swim team.

Oltmanns said currently there are 60 to 70 kids on a waiting list to join the team, providing more indoor pool space would allow more kids to participate.

"A new pool would probably meet current demand," said Oltmanns.

Below are summaries and cost estimates for the four proposals from Williams Architects/ Aquatics, the firm handling the design of the new pool for CA. (Diagrams of each are posted above)

1. Dasher Green - new indoor pool.

  • Cost - $4.9 million to $5.4 million
  • This option offers a completely new 13,700 square foot pool facility with eight lane lap pool next to the existing outdoor pool at Dasher Green as well as additional parking.
  • Challenges include working around the existing community building, outdoor pool and parking with design and construction work.

2. Talbott Springs - Enclose and rebuild current outdoor pool

  • Cost - $6.4 million to $7.1 million
  • The existing pool at Talbott Springs would be rebulit with a new indoor eight lane lap pool, the new enclosure would connect with the existing bathouse and the plan could include a new outdoor deck and Spray Play next to the existing wading pool.
  • Challenges are that the existing building is not accessible from the parking lot (an elevator would be added), construction costs are higher than other options, road access would cause traffic to neighborhood streets.

3. Locust Park - Enclose and renovate existing outdoor pool

  • Cost - $5.9 million to $6.5 million
  • The current L-shaped pool would be renovated and enclosed. The basketball courts can be relocated, tennis courts remain and parking lot of nearby church could be shared for additional parking or current parking lot could be expanded.
  • Challenges include providing new gutters, piping and lining for renovation of existing pool, design and construction are limited due to existing site limitations.

4. Locust Park - Remove old pool, build new square indoor pool

  • Rebuilding and enclosing the pool to make it a square design that will give it a more compact footprint. Slightly reduces the cost compared to enclosing and renovating the current L-shaped pool, as in option 3.
  • Challenges not listed for this option.

Which option do you support? - Tell us in the comments.


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