Wilde Lake Principal Responds to Student Arrest News

The principal at a Columbia school where police said a rape occurred sent a note to the school community Wednesday.


Wilde Lake High principal James LeMon wrote that the school proactively addressed general concerns and provided individual support the day after police said a student was raped by another student inside the high school.

"Although this experience has been difficult for all involved," he wrote in a letter to the school community Wednesday, "it is important for me to communicate the genuine pride and admiration I hold for the amazingly dedicated staff and the wonderful student body at Wilde Lake High School."

"The news of a student arrest yesterday has deeply impacted our Wilde Lake High School community," he wrote.

He wrote that as soon as he was notified by police of the alleged incident, he collaborated with police and central office staff to support the investigation. He said he wasn't able to comment until charges were filed, but once they were, he notified the school community about the incident.

He added that Wednesday teachers were given an "appropriate statement" to share with students that allowed students to discuss feelings, people they can talk to at home or at school about those feeling and how the school can maintain everyday safety.

He said students were responding with curiosity and maturity.

"As I walked throughout the school today, it was clear that students were not only engaged in productive discussions with teachers regarding the incident, but they also displayed enthusiasm, interest, and a strong work ethic during their academic day," wrote LeMon.

Police said the alleged rape occurred on Monday inside a choir room in the school. DeShawn Rasheed Jones, 17, was charged with second-degree rape, second-degree assault and false imprisonment. He is currently being held on $500,000 bond.

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Suzanne Lipado February 08, 2013 at 10:56 AM
This is a sad situation. Wilde Lake high school has many problems that are swept under the rug; most importantly staffing. There are several excellent teachers there but, it only takes a few to spoil the pool. The office administration is a complete mess; from unprofessional behavior to discriminatory handling of student affairs. My child went there for two years and several of us parents reported a female coach for having inappropriate (sexual in nature) contact with male students; nothing was done about it. The teacher is white and the male students were black; the coach still works there. When you have an environment that reflects behavior such as this, in addition to a lack of security and inattentive adults...this kind of incident happens. Some of the female white students dress provocatively with complete abandon of the dress code. Yet, when female black students wear anything deemed "inappropriate" they are sent home. This all is done under an administration who many are African American; which shows there is a much bigger problem here. The context of the conversation among some staff and students is very unprofessional and lacking in consideration for the fact the we parents don't want to send our children to a school where they are subjected to unsafe conditions and some staff that don't take into account that they are setting examples for our young people.


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