Prosecutors Request 10 Years for Ellicott City Teen who Aided Terrorist Group

The local man was 17 when he was arrested for aiding a woman known as "JihadJane".

The local man was 17 when he was arrested for aiding a woman known as "JihadJane".
The local man was 17 when he was arrested for aiding a woman known as "JihadJane".
Update - Khalid's Thursday sentencing has been postponed, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Prosecutors are asking a federal judge to sentence an Ellicott City man to ten years in prison for aiding a group of people who were planning terror attacks in Europe, according to a Baltimore Sun report.

Mohammad Hassan Khalid, a Pakistani immigrant from Ellicott City who graduated from Mt. Hebron High School in 2011, pleaded guilty to providing material support to terrorists in federal court in Philadelphia in May 2012. He is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday, reported the Sun. Khalid was arrested in when he was 17.

Court documents state Khalid, now 20, aided a Pennsylvania woman, Colleen LaRose, remove incriminating postings from an online message board and created posts seeking funds for LaRose's group in Europe. LaRose, who is called "JihadJane" after her online name, was sentenced to 10 years Monday for her involvement in the terror plot.

LaRose was plotting with others in Europe to kill a Swedish artist over a cartoon that offended Muslims, according to an Associated Press report. 

An attorney for Khalid told the Sun that associating with the group "was like a video game to him" and that a 10-year sentence would be "ridiculous."

Since being arrested, prosecutors said that Khalid cooperated with the FBI, helping with terrorist investigations and that he "may have learned respect for the law," reported the Sun.

Prior to being arrested, Khalid had received a full scholarship to attend Johns Hopkins University, according to the paper.

Read the full report - "Prosecutors seek up to 10 years for Howard County teen in terror plot"


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