Mother, Son Indicted in Ellicott City Armored Truck Robbery

A Columbia man and his mother face charges with three other defendants in a string of armored truck robberies.

A Howard County man and his mother are facing charges related to six armored vehicle robberies, including .

According to the indictment, Erick Wilson, 26, of Columbia, and his mother, Regina McCullom, aka Regina Wilson, 48, of Laurel, were indicted Friday for conspiracy to commit armed robbery, robbery and gun charges.

Wilson worked at Dunbar Armored in 2008 when, according to the indictment, he and his mother worked with co-conspirators to stage a Dunbar Armored truck robbery in Washington, D.C. Wilson “pretended to be surprised,” according to the indictment, while robbers stole $210,000 during one of Wilson’s deliveries. 

In December of last year, Wilson and others robbed a Dunbar Armored employee in Ellicott City, according to the indictment. The group allegedly stole about $32,000 and a gun from the Dunbar employee at 4715 Dorsey Hall Drive.

According to the FBI, the suspects are:

  • Erick Wilson, 26, of Columbia
  • David Marquise Howard, 28, of Hyattsville and Baltimore
  • Regina McCullom, a.k.a Regina Wilson, 48, of Laurel
  • Gloria Jeanette Martino, a.k.a “Net,” and “Netty,” 29, of Hyattsville
  • Matthew Mace, 25, of Olney

Wilson and McCullom face a maximum of 20 years in prison on the robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery charges, according to the FBI. They also face time for using firearms during a crime of violence.


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