Arraignment Today for Clarksville Man Accused of Barging in on Neighbor

Police say the man demanded a cigarette.

An arraignment is scheduled today for a Clarksville man who police say barged into a neighbor’s house, demanding a cigarette. 

Andrew Kovacs (also referred to as Andreas in charging documents), 44, faces burglary, trespassing and assault charges. He was indicted on Nov. 7. 

According to court documents, Kovaks’s neighbor heard footsteps coming up the stairs when she got out of the shower at her home on the 5800 block of Trotter Road on Oct. 22. ” 

The woman said she yelled out that she was getting dressed, and that her fiancé wasn’t home, according to her statement, and she grabbed a towel to cover herself. 

Then, she told police, she ran to the room where her son was playing and tried to close the door, but the man, who she later identified as Kovacs, overpowered her, pushing the door open. 

Police say Kovacs ran into another room, still yelling for the woman’s fiancé, then went outside to a barn on the house’s property and removed a dirt bike. Police later confirmed that the bike belonged to Kovacs but that he had let the woman’s fiancé borrow it while he considered buying it from Kovacs. 

According to police, Kovacs told them when they arrived on the scene that he was angry that the fiancé hadn’t called him back about the dirt bike. Kovacs was arrested on the scene. 

Justin case December 15, 2012 at 10:03 PM
He really needs to quite smoking


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