What are Your Kids Wearing?

What's appropriate to wear in the classroom?

Howard High School sent an e-mail out to parents last week, asking parents to keep an eye on their kids’ clothes:

The warm weather has arrived!  Please check out what your child is wearing to school.  Today’s beautiful weather brought some “not so pretty” sights to school. 

We realize that finding the proper length shorts can be a challenge but it can be done.  In truth, the real issue is that the shorts are way too tight, and some without the proper under garments.  The tops are way too low and reveal well beyond cleavage.  We go through this every year and it becomes a very unpleasant battle.  We suspect that some students leave their homes with one outfit on and then change when they arrive at school.  It sounds like we are just commenting on the dress of our young ladies but that is not the case.  I can tell you the color and brand of boxers on some of the guys because their pants are practically down to their knees. 

We are trying to provide an academic atmosphere and we need your help.  Some of our teachers are very uncomfortable addressing students over the inappropriate dress and consequently the student must be sent to the office.  We can avoid this loss of instructional time with your help.  If you receive a phone call requesting a pair of pants, top, etc. this is the reason why.  It is not our intention to interrupt you at work or home but sometimes we do not have a choice.  Let’s work together on this now so that we can enjoy the beautiful weather and notice the blooming flowers and trees!

So, what do you think about your kids’ wardrobes – are they something to be negotiated or dictated? And – especially if your kids wear a uniform, is there a difference between weekend clothes and school clothes?

Update: It seems like this is a popular topic! Check out Laurel Patch for a similar discussion:

Anne Gonnella March 24, 2011 at 04:06 PM
I grew up wearing a uniform in school and I am a huge fan. Don't get me wrong - I HATED the uniform itself. But even at the time I recognized how much easier it was to deal with the social pressures or acceptable dress. I would really like to send my own daughter to a school with uniforms and would love it if HCPSS would introduce this. Though I really want to see a better option for girls. Please, no more pleated skirts and knee socks. Let girls wear PANTS! It's 2011 already.
Jill Berry March 24, 2011 at 04:44 PM
I wore a uniform from age 9 to 16. The uniform made it impossible to distinguish the well off kids from the kids on welfare. Everyone looked the same. At times kids tried to make their uniform more unique by shortening their skirts or tying the school tie in a wide knot but the principal -- Sister Victoire -- ruled with an iron fist. No variations in uniform were tolerated. I wish my children's school had a uniform or I could afford a private school. School dress codes are hard to enforce if kids leave home wearing one outfit and change on the way to school.
Sue March 24, 2011 at 05:06 PM
My kids also wear a uniform which takes all of these issues out of the equation. I'm a huge fan of the unis!
Susan @WhyMommy March 24, 2011 at 09:47 PM
As a proud public school graduate, I never thought I'd say this -- but I ADORE our school uniforms. My kindergartner has a drawer full of khakis and polos, and there's never any morning struggle on what is appropriate schoolwear. When the weekend comes, he can wear whatever he likes, but for the morning battles -- poof, they're gone!
Anne Gonnella March 25, 2011 at 10:49 PM
So, is there a reason why public schools in Howard County don't consider this? I'm sure there are people who don't want uniforms, though they haven't commented here. Personally I can't see a single downside (except those plaid skirts.) Has it ever been discussed?


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