Point-Counterpoint: Baker Vs. Franchot on Question 7, Maryland Gambling

Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker III and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot face off on Question 7 before voters decide the gambling question Tuesday.

Maryland's Question 7 is one of the most controversial ballot initiatives facing voters when they head to the polls Tuesday, and it hits close to home in the Washington, DC, area.

A top proponent and a leading opponent of Maryland's gambling provision argue their positions in Patch's Local Voices section.

Prince George's County Executive Rushern L. Baker III is in favor of gambling expansion, while Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is in opposition.

"Arguments for the facility echo the ones I have made: that it will create jobs, generate revenue, and establish a destination with world class amenities that serves both residents and tourists," Baker wrote.

"The “staggering hypocrisy” of casino owners funding an anti-casino referendum was recently highlighted by Matt Yglesias in this article in Slate. But the ads are more than hypocritical: They actually disprove themselves. The millions of dollars pouring into the campaign against Question 7 prove why we should vote for it."

But Franchot maintains that the money won't help Maryland education.

"Independent groups have taken a look at the claim gambling expansion will increase funding for education and have reached the same conclusion I have: It will NOT mean more money for the classroom," he writes.

See their full posts here:

  • Point: "Yes" On Question 7
  • Counterpoint: Question 7 Is a Bad Deal for Maryland and Should Be Rejected

For a look at the major points on the gambling initiative, read our Patch primer on Question 7.

Jordan Choper November 05, 2012 at 09:49 PM
Question 7 will bring more funds into Prince George's County's coffers by value of the county's amusement tax. What the State of Maryland does with its share of the revenue is beyond the County's control. No matter how the money is alloted, this is a boon for Prince George's County's finances, which are hard pressed by TRIM.
d November 06, 2012 at 01:35 PM
we all know claims on both sides are exagerated. But bottom line is this money is going out of state & we have a way to keep more of it here. And as far as I am concerned if people are willing to gamble and provide a source of income then there is that much less that has to come out of my pocket. But in the end we all know the politicians will find a way to squander the money


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