Helping Veterans to find careers

My name is Art Garroway.

I am planning to launch my new for-profit Business in January 2015 called Powered by Veterans but I need input from homeowners, business owners and unemployed veterans! My research shows there are over 300 unemployed Howard County, Maryland Veterans seeking employment. There are 77,000 Owner Occupied Homes and over 8000 businesses in Howard County. I want to match them up.
We will first hire unemployed Howard County honorably discharged Veterans and pay them a living wage salary. We will then match their skills and talents to the needs of Howard County Employers and Homeowners in both temporary and permanent jobs.

My plan is to place at least 30 Veterans into temporary jobs and 10 into permanent positions in 2015. To do that, I have to find the needs of all 3 Segments; The Homeowners, the Businesses and the Veterans.

Action request
If you are HOMEOWNER, BUSINESS OWNER or MANAGER or a VETERAN, please send me an email telling me which you are along with your correct contact information and any questions you may have. Send it to:

By return email, you will receive the appropriate survey so I can begin the matching process to allow us to continue the process of our Veterans helping us … again.

Art GarrowayTogether we can help turn the tide on unemployment and Homelessness for our Veterans! We will help any  honorably discharged U.S.  Veteran try to find work, not just those who reside in Maryland!


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