Crime Comment: 'I Have to Hide My Belongings in My Own Home'

Patch readers sound off about the recent rash of daytime burglaries in Howard County.


Howard County Police warned residents to secure their valuables inside their homes after 10 daytime burglaries took place across the county in three days.

Patch readers responded to this news with a mix of fear, finger-pointing and eye-rolling in the name of common sense:

"I have to hide my belongings in my own home in Howard County. Seems like the criminals are in control here. How to stop that? County Executives - Please spend some of my tax dollars figuring it out." --anon

"Nice advice HOCO PD. 'Be vigilant.' Please. How about advising residents that, if they feel capable, to arm themselves and get the proper training? No, the PD wants you to 'be vigilant.'" --Steve Rice

Do you think Howard County is a safe place to live? Tell us in the comments.

"HoCo is the new suburban hood, it's becoming just like downtown Baltimore. It's not even safe to go to the mall anymore when someone gets mugged in the food court at 9:15am on a Saturday morning." --k

"As HoCo has grown, so has the crime, and so has the Police Dept. Crime is everywhere to one extent or another, so what to do? Start simple. Lock your stuff up, especially your cars, and install deadbolts on all doors..." --K2

"The constant development, building in every open space possible, is what seemed to ruin my old area in MoCo. Same thing is happening here. Too bad citizens have no say." --Sandra Conway

"The main issue is the amount of 'inner city' individuals who now loiter in previously quiet suburbs. Section 8 housing, transitional homes, young adults out of prison/juvie now living with elderly relatives... all of these are responsible for bringing crime to our neighborhoods." --Brook

Greg G. October 01, 2012 at 10:21 AM
I would personally like to thank the hippocrit Ken Ullman and Posse for over-developing Howard County without building of the proper infrastructure. Stop building on every square inch of open space, and start getting some serious police presence. It used to be Anne Arundel Mall was the danger spot now it's Columbia Mall. meanwhile the police standby and watch crimes be committed. I moved from Philly to here for a safer environment. Now we are supposed to lock ourselves in our houses and wait for the inevitable? Howard County is one of five counties in the US that doesn't allow for non-lethal weapons like a taser, but I can buy a shotgun which will certainly kill someone. What a bunch of short sighted jackasses we have in our gov't here. And the police here bungle even the simplest of investigations/operations. Lets get a serious Police Chief and some real manpower out patrolling and CATCHING the criminals.


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