Week Ahead in Weather: Winter, Mildly

This is the week's forecast thanks to the National Weather Service.

Winter? What winter? According to the National Weather Service, temperatures will reach the mid-50s this week, with sunny skies until the end of the week.

Monday should be sunny with temperatures reaching the low 40s, dropping to the mid-20s at night.

On Tuesday, expect more sunny skies and temperatures reaching close to 50 degrees and dropping to the high 20s at night.

Wednesday, temperatures are forecast to reach the mid-50s with sunny skies. Temperatures drop to the low 30s.

Thursday, temperatures will hit about 50 degrees during the day. Things may take a turn on Thursday night, however, when there’s a 30 percent chance of rain, according to NWS. Temperatures will drop to the high-30s degrees. 

There’s a 30 percent chance of rain Friday, as well, with temperatures reaching about 50 degrees, dropping to the 40s at night.


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