Police to Increase Patrols at Schools, Teen Sentenced, Ale House Open: Top Stories

Headlines from around Howard County Dec. 9 - Dec. 14, 2012.


Howard County Police to Increase Patrols Near Schools After Connecticut Shooting

Police recently concluded an in-service training of their "active shooter plan."

Columbia Teen Sentenced to 60 Years for Long Reach Stabbing

Xavier Trevon Bates pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in September.

First Look: Ale House Columbia Now Open

The Ale House Columbia officially opened to the public on Dec. 11, check out Patch's photos from opening day.

Police: Man Caught on Camera Stealing Package from Columbia Doorstep

The man pictured stole the package about 12 minutes after UPS dropped it off, according to police.

Search for Suspected Door Kick-in Burglars Continues

Sheriff's Office says leads dried up after investigating "kind of a flophouse."

Classic Window Decoration Wins Decorating Contest

Joan Eve's ribbons and gems stole the show on Ellicott City's Main Street.

Police: Vendor Researching Ways to Add More Info to Speed Cam Photos

Currently, residents receiving a Howard County speed ticket are unable to figure out how fast they were traveling based on photographs.

Ken Ulman Picks Up Trash in Redskins Garb

Ken Ulman dropped by Landover Wednesday to satisfy a bet with his Prince George's County equal.

County to Shift to New Sweetened Beverage Standards

New standards will be implemented in all county vending machines, events, programs and departments.

Minor Collision Reignites Major Safety Concerns

Resident witnessed a minor collision in Ellicott City in the same place where, two years ago, a young man died and wants to know what can be done to improve safety.

Police: Main Street Window Smashed

A Main Street Ellicott City shop owner found her festive window shattered Tuesday morning.

Savage Mill's Eclectic Holiday Gifts - A Photo Guide

Patch combed through Savage Mill to bring you a guide to the mill's gifts.

CEO of TriColumbia Steps Down

The founder and CEO of TriColumbia had a significant impact in the world of triathlon.

Why You Should Rescue Your Next Pet

With millions of animals crowding the shelters, rescuing your next pet is the right thing to do.


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