Featured Health Tip: Bite into Some Corn on the Cob

This summertime favorite will keep you feeling full.

Nothing says summer like a piece of corn on the cob straight from the grill. 

Benefits of corn on the cob Corn is packed with fiber which will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eating your corn at the beginning of your meal will keep you from reaching for that second scoop of potato salad or chocolate brownie at the summer barbecue. Just one medium-sized cob provides around four grams of fiber.

Tips for choosing corn on the cob: Look for husks that are a colorful green and tight to the kernels. Also, don’t be afraid to pull back the husks and take a look at the kernels to check for rotten spots.

Tips for preparing: If you’re a Maryland native, chances are you’re an Old Bay fan, which is the perfect addition to corn. Try mixing Old Bay with a tablespoon of a light butter substitute such as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Pull back the husk on the cob, but don’t remove from the cob completely (your cob should look like it’s wearing a skirt). Use a spatula to smear the Old Bay mixture directly on the kernels. Once finished, fold the husk back up around the cob, wrap in tin foil and place on the grill for 20 minutes.

JJ July 27, 2011 at 03:34 PM
Funny potato salad is mentioned as that 1 large ear of corn has as much carbohydrate as 1 cup serving of that salad, approximately 25 grams. You're right - it will keep you "fuller" for longer as your body fights to burn the excess carbs. Meanwhile your blood sugar has spiked and your fat is becoming trapped on a cellular level. The "packed" with fiber is 3g approximate...not so much. Go with pure butter and skip the corn - throw it on some fresh steamed broccoli.


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