Comment: Speed Cameras Are 'Just a Revenue Generator'

Howard County readers weigh in on the top news of the week.


Readers took their opinions to Howard County Patch sites this week, commenting most on the possible uses of a , a story on , and coverage of a .

“If it needs $20 million in ‘base building improvements,’ it should probably be torn down. A brand new building could be built for less than that. – Ohai

“I believe the building should be utilized in a manner such that it is occupied at capacity during normal business hours and should also have the ability to activate the lakefront during the evenings and weekends. This speaks to at least some of the space converted to restaurant or performance (or both) space.” - b.santos

“This is just a revenue generator for the county, an additional tax, has nothing to do with the safety of the children. In the near future, expect to see these speed cameras placed in non school zones, most likely on streets with 25-30 mph speed limits to maximize revenue.” - Darin

“People can easily avoid being affected by these enforcement cameras by obeying the speed limit. It's very simple.” – Louis P

Attempted Robbery at PNC Bank: "As a prior bank teller, I can't believe the teller actually ‘confronted’ the robber! I was always taught to not ask questions at a possible robbery. Thankfully, he left without incident."  - Betty

Sean Colin April 09, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Speed cameras are passive systems that do nothing to stop a vehicle from speeding, unlike active systems like speed bumps, traffic circles or chokers which physically slow a car down. The way the law was written, with the help of the cameras providers, makes sure that the one thing that does not slow down is the flow of money. Charging only the owner of the vehicle. not necessarily the driver the low fine of $40 two weeks after the offense took place almost guarantees the owner the path of least resistance, no one in their right mind would take off work to argue a $40 ticket. Second, the fact there are no points, insurance rate hikes or even a larger fine for higher speeds or multiple tickets shows the State/County just doesn't care about speeding. I have yet to see one article that doesn't talk how about much revenue has been generated, with no mention of the reduction of students struck by a car going over the 11 mph threshold. The State of Maryland has trivialized speeding by making the offense no different in the eyes of the law than a parking ticket.
David Crossgrove June 28, 2012 at 11:28 PM
You have no right, per Constitution or any other decree, to a right of privacy on or in public venues. Further, you have no right to speed using any motor vehicle. I violently disagree with the extortioninist fees charged by camera contractors. Money, however, IS NOT the primary driver regarding their deployments. Safety is the reason.
Lanny August 10, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Speed cameras are mainly for revenue generation. Want to slow the traffic, put a police car in a conspicuous position.


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