Comment: ‘All This Suing, At What Cost?’

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Howard County Patch readers weren’t shy about weighing in on the news this week. The stories that created the most buzz were about a , , and

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 “I'm so saddened to learn that Donna's has closed their doors! Donna's was a very special place to me and my husband. He proposed to me on a beautiful September (15th) evening at an outdoor table beside Donna's herb garden. We loved their special Saturday evening menus with the paired wines for each course. Where will we go now for special celebrations?? Love you Donna!!” -

 “I have to agree with the others: no more affordable housing. If you can't afford to pay the going price for a Columbia residence, then you can't afford to live here. I didn't crawl my way out of PG County and spend 15% above the national average for a ~townhouse~ just to have someone else come in here and live on the cheap (or worse, on government assistance).” - 

“So you two think that, even with the aid of speed cameras, we have sufficent police to 24-hour monitor every business in the county? To be everywhere at all times? That's not political lies, that's a totally naive and unrealistic fantasy. We've become a nation of whiners, blaming everything on the politicians.” Linda Hayes

“This one’s suing that one, that one’s suing this one…….all this suing and at what cost? So this is where my tax money is spent? Not on my children’s education, but on the petty squabbles of immature individuals. Here’s a thought: how about we add, ‘resolving conflicts’ to the school curriculum. Frankly I don’t think see how all this suing serves the Board of Education. -

“How about a community pool? If you've got 300 homes within a 1/4 mile, why not something that serves the community? Maybe a nature center that partners with the local schools to promote ecological awareness. I realize that these are not profit makers for cash-happy HoCo lawmakers, but it sure would be good PR.” -

Diane Sendlenski May 27, 2012 at 02:12 AM
I am glad that Mr. Dyer has taken a stand against the "political machine" of the school board and I hope he wins. I'm proud of someone who stands up to the political majority and fights for what is right instead of giving in. I hope he wins the lawsuit (sounds like he has a good argument). The tax payers money isn't being squandered on this but on the reckless spending of those who think are pockets are limitless. Mr. Dyer is setting a good example for our children; "stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the political tide". It's called "indomitable spirit".
woodbine5 May 27, 2012 at 04:09 PM
I too support Mr. Dyers ongoing attemps to get the School Board to simply follow the rules. How can we demand our children follow the school rules if the Board themselves acts as if they were above the rules. Their behavior is sophmoric and bullying in deed and actions. I wish the residents of Howard County had seen fit to make sure the current Board would not be returning but alass that was not so, perhaps because most only vote on name recogition and not record. None the less, I hope now that Mr. Dyer is not constrained by his Board membership, he goes full force against the Board. Sometimes with bullies, as this Board has show themselves to be, you just have to fight back. We support you Mr. Dyer.
PrimitiveLogic May 27, 2012 at 05:28 PM
It is a mixed blessing to have someone stand up to the political machine of School Boards. As a former parent volunteer rep on the school board; it was clear in my orientation that I was only there for appearance. Regardless of what the parent group brought to the table; it never seemed to have any validity nor importance. MANDITORY TERM LIMITS might be a solution for the impasses and constipation we seem to be experiencing. We have become far too complex a county to allow "private" strangleholds to control our children's educational fate.


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