Best Howard County Mom: Patricia Nichols

We gave readers a chance to win a $50 gift certificate by uploading a photo of their mom and a note about why she rocks.

Congratulations, Patricia Nichols.

You have been chosen by your family as the “Best Mom of Howard County.”

And a result of a random drawing, your family will get a $50 gift certificate to spend on you.

Here’s what Tara Ferry, who uploaded had to say:

“This is a picture of a woman who is smart, loyal, selfless, funny and beautiful. Patricia Nichols has worked hard her entire life and always put her family first. She is an inspiration to all of us and truly represents what it really means to be a Mom. We love her!”

Mothers were praised by their family for a myriad of reasons in our photo gallery.

One mother raises four boys while going to college full time. Another mother supported her son in a drag show even though she is a “traditional conservative,” wrote another user.

Former Howard County Police spokeswoman Elizabeth Schroen wrote a tribute to her mother, who is now struggling with a degenerative memory disorder.

“Although she may forget the earlier days in our lives, her children will never forget her impact,” Schroen wrote. “She always taught us that most important in life is people – not things. She taught me to value education, be an independent woman, work hard and always do the right thing (even when no one is looking). She is kind, infinitely patient, smart, resourceful and creative.”

Richard McCready, the husband of Columbia's Julia McCready, wrote that his wife “touches the lives of hundreds of children each year, by teaching Music and Movement Classes within the Regional Early Childhood Centers of Howard County Public Schools. She is also very active in the community and is a tireless advocate for the residents (especially the children) of Columbia and of Oakland Mills.”

How has your mother touched your life? Tell us in comments.           


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