Follow the Crowd

We all follow the crowd in some way or another. The clothing we choose, food we eat, and lingo we use in daily life. This can be perfectly harmless...except when it comes to losing weight.

Remember back in high school.  Every click had their own style, music, lingo and behavior.  And each click thought the other click was SOOOOOOO trendy. 

I always thought this was so funny.  Hearing a preppy make fun of a goth because "oh my God, they all dress the same way."  Well guess what, each group "dressed the same way."  You could tell from 100 yards which click most people belonged too. 

Everyone wanted to believe they personally were so unique.  But the reality is, at some point, most of us are taking cues and following the crowd.  Don't believe me?  I'd like you to go to work today wearing only your bathing suit.  Really, not willing to?  That's because you choose to follow some social norms.  And it's probably a good idea, because I'd like you to keep your jobs.

We all follow the crowd in some way every day.  And most of those ways are perfectly harmless.  Driving on the correct side of the road, shaking with our right hand, and so on.

But the flip side is when you're trying to change a behavior.  Let's say a behavior like trying to lose weight, go to the gym, or change your eating habits.  If you don't choose your "crowd" well, you're in BIG trouble.  And for most of us, the crowd is our own friends and family.

How many people do you know who have tried to stop smoking and have to stop hanging out with the same people or at the same bars.  They've actually got to change their environment.  Why?  Because the places and people you are with every day have become your routine.

Now when it comes to family, or even friends who you still really value, it's not that easy to just drop em'.  "Sorry kids, I'm moving out so I can eat more broccoli!"  Now that would land you on Dr. Phil...and I think you're losing some doe in divorce court. 

So you've got two options, ensure that your family makes the same changes you're trying to make, or add another community outside home that will help you create a new "CROWD" to follow.  Or better yet, do both.

I've heard many clients say they're working to clean up their diet, but literally being sabotaged by family members.  "hey sweetie, how's that new Primitive Nourishment Plan going?  Here's some brownies."  Well, that's not too helpful.  Creating a strategy to deal with this is for another blog though.

For now, I want to talk about creating a new crowd to follow.  There is nothing more powerful for creating change than creating a new community of people who are supporting you and your bigger goals.  People who will all be working on the same goal, people who want you to succeed, know the plan you're on, and can help you through the tough times.

A GOOD crowd will pick you up when you don't feel strong.  And maybe even more powerful, they will help you create strategies to create change.  I've watched in our 90 day challenges as women in our group have helped each other create better ways to meal plan, better ways to make time in their schedule for workouts, and new recipes that they enjoy. 

This support can create more momentum and power.  It can be exhausting trying to change daily habits, so the last thing you want to do is grin and bear it.  You will just tire out and quit.  But with the support of a new crowd there to support you, you will gain power and strength together.  I've watched this snowball influence clients to make major changes in their health and body...EVEN when people at home are not helping. 

As I leave you for the week, take 10 minutes to really think about your CROWD.  Are they helping or hurting your goals?  What can you do to remedy that or make it even stronger?  And let us know about your thoughts about this issue on our 39 Minute Workout facebook page.

Dedicated to your health, 

David Beares
Owner- 39 Minute Workout



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