Keep your electronics safe this summer

Keep your electronics safe at the beach this summer
Some summer safety tips from Gadget Guru – http://www.gadgetgururepair.com/ 410-654-4878
In addition to sunscreen and a beach towel, most of us can’t imagine a summer day without our cell phones, tablets, e-readers, etc. But before you start reading that book or snapping pix with your camera, take a moment to make sure your electronic devices are protected from sun, sand and surf before you go.
Keep them dry
The most important thing to remember is to keep your electronics dry. Getting them wet can be deadly (although some time in a bowl of rice might help save them) so avoid it in the first place. You can buy waterproof cases at almost any price point, but one simple option is a large waterproof box (check online or sporting goods or boating supply stores) and a selection of freezer-size Ziplock bags. The plastic bags seal tight to keep out water, but still allow you to use your touch screens and you can store everything inside the larger waterproof box for travel and carrying.
Pick and choose what to bring
If you can, just bring one or two devices with you – it’s easier to protect fewer devices and there’s less t possibly lose. For reading, E-Ink readers like the Kindle and Nook perform best in sun glare because they’re not backlit. Your cell phone is an obvious choice, and may be able to double as an e-reader or tether for internet access. If you want to bring your iPad or other tablet, be prepared that it may be difficult to see the screen with sunglasses. Screens may be very dark when wearing polarized lenses – sometimes rotating the screen 90 degrees can help, though (depending on how the pixels are arranged, landscape may be more readable than portrait or vice versa).
Air things out
Sand isn’t just uncomfortable in your bathing suit, it can be deadly if it gets into the nooks and crannies of your electronic gadgets, too. That’s why you should keep a can of compressed air in your waterproof box. If you drop your phone or tablet in the sand, hold the can about 8-12” from the device and use it to dislodge the sand – we suggest doing this outdoors unless you want to vacuum, too. To prevent sand from getting in there to begin with, consider sealing up all ports with some clear packing tape, also.
Keep things cool
Don’t fry your skin in the sun, and don’t fry your electronics, either. Just as hot cars can quickly turn deadly for pets, hot sun and sand can fry your electronics. Keep them in a shaded area, and if the case is starting to feel hot to the touch, protect them. You can literally overheat your phone or tablet, so be careful where you store them.
Clean it up
If you don’t have something over your screen, chances are you’re going to leave streaks of sunscreen from your fingertips all over it. If you do, don’t just grab a wet wipe for it! Instead, take a mixture of 50/50 white vinegar and water (distilled water helps prevent white spots) and dip a microfiber cloth into that. Wring out the cloth so it’s just damp, and wipe.
Sometimes, though, you’ll still have something fry, or get too dirty, or get dropped and broken. That’s when you need to call Gadget Guru to fix it. With locations in Owings Mills and Columbia we can fix most problems in a day. Just call us at 410-654-4878 or visit online at http://www.gadgetgururepair.com/ and we’ll help.


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