Shakeup Milkshake Bar Opens in Columbia Mall

The new company claims it can make an infinite number of milkshake flavor combinations.

A ShakeUp milkshake in front of crates of flavor ingredients. Credit: ShakeUp Facebook
A ShakeUp milkshake in front of crates of flavor ingredients. Credit: ShakeUp Facebook

A new company hoping to go national is kicking off its business inside The Mall in Columbia.

The mall is one of the first two initial locations for ShakeUp, a milkshake bar that combines a base ice cream with over 150 different flavors to make milkshakes.

ShakeUp offers three different base ice creams—regular, low fat and soy—which can then be combined with flavors like Oreo green mint, granola and raisins, Irish Cream, pretzel, lychee, mango, strawberry, pomegranate, belgian waffle, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and many, many more.

The company said it uses specially manufactured syrups, toppings and fruits to create its flavors. Prices for milkshakes range from $4.69 for a small to $6.99 for a large "jumbo beaker", according to the company's website.

The company is "the result of three years of research to create the perfect shake, using natural products and a lot ingenuity," said U.S. project leader Tsachee Zilberfarb, in a statement. "It's incredible, but you've got to taste it to believe it."

In addition to the mall location, ShakeUp also opened a milkshake bar at Towson Town Center and are planning to open a third in at Park City Center in Lancaster, PA.

The ShakeUp kiosk is located at the lower level of the mall near the food court.

Have you tried a ShakeUp milkshake, what did you think? Let us know in the comments.

Richard waddington December 17, 2013 at 09:26 PM
This is a copy cat of shakeaway who are the original re-inventors of the milkshake since 1999 and the worlds largest milkshake bar company trading in 13 countries. The good news is that they will be opening in New York , Long Island, New Jersey , Georgia, San Diego in the first half of next year, can't wait as they really do know how to make the most amazing shakes, smoothies, and a new fat free thick extra cold yogurt that is amazing. Check them out at www.shakeaway.com its a real cult brand that has its own DJ radio and TV stations, its own music label and a whole host of amazing stuff .


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