Kimco Looks to Acquire Vacant Wilde Lake KFC

The company is looking at possibly acquiring the KFC building, which was abandoned in late April and its future is uncertain.


Kimco Realty is interested in acquiring the currently abandoned KFC building in Wilde Lake and on Wednesday received approval for its  development plan for the Wilde Lake Village Center.

Geoff Glazer, Kimco’s vice president of development and acquisition for the Mid-Atlantic region, confirmed on Friday that Kimco is interested in purchasing the old KFC building at 5400 Lynx Lane. The building .

“We’re looking at acquiring it,” Glazer said on Friday. “We’re trying to get control, but there’s a process.”

In April, Patch readers said they’d be interested in a fast-food restaurant, such as Sonic, for the space.

Tell us: What do you think Kimco should do with the old KFC, if it acquires it?

Glazer said Kimco didn’t have any set plans to incorporate the KFC building into its redevelopment plans for Wilde Lake Village Center, which were unanimously approved by the Zoning Board on Wednesday, according to ExploreHoward.com.

The preliminary plan for the redevelopment of Wilde Lake will include a minimum of 85,000 square feet of commercial space, a maximum of 250 residential units and changes to the central courtyard, according to Explore Howard. Also, will move to a larger location and a drugstore will be added, according to the article.

Glazer said Kimco plans on beginning construction in Wilde Lake in the spring of 2013, if all the permits are approved.

“We’ll revitalize the village center so it’s ready for the next couple of decades,” said Glazer about the plans.

Local development blogger and Columbia resident Matt Wilson described the buildings as "three or four boring, plain buildings mashed together into one," but hailed the redesign of the courtyard, which some residents complained about during the redevelopment approval process.

“I can understand Kimco’s desire to do something different,” wrote Wilson. “The times I’ve been in that courtyard, all in the afternoon and mostly on weekends, the courtyard has been deserted. Any space like that that’s empty on a Saturday afternoon in pleasant weather is a failed space, no matter who designed it or how noble the thinking behind it was, or how popular it was when it first opened.” 

See our past coverage on Wilde Lake redevelopment issues:

BOH June 22, 2012 at 08:01 PM
Matt Wilson nailed it when he said it's a failed space. There are a lot of spots like that around Columbia, which is unfortunate. I've noticed empty courtyards all day long, even on sunny, clear weekends, in several village center. Wilde Lake was definitely one of them, and so is Harper's Choice. Actually, the only time the Harper's Choice fountain/courtyard area isn't empty is when a load of obnoxious, rough, and foul-mouthed people come across the bridge over Harper's Farm Rd to hit the store, then linger there and often have verbal altercations or even fights. THAT is a failed space, which is ridiculous, considering how close it is to a very popular frozen treat stand (Rita's), a good restaurant that offers outdoor dining (Zapata's), and the sports park.
Matt Wilson June 22, 2012 at 08:07 PM
I didn't say the exteriors of the planned buildings were "boring." I said they were like three or four plain, boring buildings mashed together. The result isn't boring, or not-boring, it's just muddled. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Great to hear that Kimco is looking to pick up the old KFC space. Even if it's not part of the village center redevelopment plans they can still make sure it fits in better.
BOH June 22, 2012 at 08:12 PM
I also meant to mention the Columbia lakefront. There are sometimes festivals that draw people, but I almost never see people just enjoying the lakefront when there aren't festivals around. I don't have a diagnosis for the problem, but I would imagine that the lack of recreation (play equipment, sand volleyball pits, or park grills, for example), family-priced food/drink sources, and other attractive amenities (that is, reasons to make the trip to the lakefront, other than spendier restaurants) make it a wasted space. I have a feeling the "promenade" will be the same way, unless they figure out reasons for people to be down there, because it's quite a hike from the mall, let alone from any residential areas. I'd gladly bicycle with my kids to such a spot, but for kids, it's really only safely accessible by the bridge from Oakland Mills.
Andrew Metcalf (Editor) June 22, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I clarified it Matt and added two links to your blog "Lost in Columbia," which I had forgotten in the original. Thanks and keep up the wonderful work over there on your blog, I enjoy reading it. Here's the link to Matt's blog on the Wilde Lake redevelopment - http://lostincolumbia.blogspot.com/2012/06/go-wilde.html


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