Frisco to Unveil Columbia Brewed Craft Beers Tuesday Night

'This is a big deal.' - Alex Taylor, Frisco's general manager.


will pour its first self-brewed craft beers on Tuesday night, starting at 5 p.m.

"This is a big deal," said Alex Taylor, Frisco's general manager. "This is something we've worked 10 years to get to and something we see our future being."

Taylor said it would be Howard County's first craft brewery, with the goal of distribution. The first two beers offered under its new brand "Push Brewery" will be an American Pale Ale named "Gate Drop" and an American IPA called "Hole Shot."

Taylor described Gate Drop as "very sessionable, timidly hopped and refreshing" and Hole Shot as "a bit more zesty, a West Coast representation of an IPA."

Pints of Frisco's new beer will be sold for $3 on Tuesday, but Taylor said to expect them to be between $4 and $5 after the premiere.

"This is the first batch," said Taylor. "Is it perfect? No. But it never will be. We're very satisfied with round one. We'll gauge the responses of the public."

Frisco will be offering its made in-house craft brews on two taps at the bar. The beer is transported to the bar through glycol lines directly from serving tanks, which sit .

Taylor said in another two weeks, the brewery will have two more styles—a hefeweizen and a red IPA.

"We have very high expectations," said Taylor. "I think [people] will be very happy to try what we have."

Frisco's owner Adam Carton said the micro-brewed beer will add more choice to their tap list, which already includes 50 beers.

"Seeing as we have a built in audience with our regular customers who are here to have the best beer they can find, hopefully we can make something that rivals some of the stuff that we bring in here," said Carton in an April interview.

At first, the beer will only be offered at the Frisco bar, but eventually Carton and Taylor said they hope to distribute the beer to liquor stores and other bars.

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