Romney's Downfall? 5 Things Sept. 19

Celebrity roundup, featured blog post, weather and more.


1. The 47 percent - By now most politicos have viewed the tapes released Monday of Mitt Romney talking about the 47 percent at a private fundraiser for wealthy donors in May. Last night, the New York Times editorial board published this about the candidate in response to the videos:

When you think of class warfare, you probably think of inciting anger, resentment and jealousy among the have-nots against the haves. That’s what Mr. Romney has accused Mr. Obama of doing, but those charges have always been false. The truth is that Mr. Romney has been trying to incite the anger of a small slice of the richest Americans who need no government assistance but get it anyway, against the working poor, older Americans, the disabled workers and veterans, and even a significant chunk of middle-class Americans.

2. Featured blog post - Tom Coale on Romney's comments - HoCo Rising - Coale brings a local perspective to Romney's comments, in essence summing up the "choose civility" mantra in his closing paragraphs. He writes:

I hope Mitt Romney sticks to this message, because I think it needs to be debated and defeated.  We cannot villainize our poor.  We need a much more mature discussion about poverty in the United States that is not mired in allegations of laziness or a failure to take personal responsibility for one's life.  Just as you may be able to show me poor people who have made bad decisions with their lives, I can show you twice as many wealthy Americans that have had their paths paved with gold.  Neither proves the category, yet when it comes to the Country's poor, we are easily dismissive.

Why can't we talk about poverty in terms of Education, Opportunity, and Equality?  Because statements like those made by Mitt Romney continue to poison the well.

3. Weather - After a rainy Tuesday (which brought a much lighter storm than predicted), today's weather is expected to be sunny, high of 71, according to the National Weater Service.

4. Video of the Day - What happens when Jimmy Kimmel sends a camera out on the street to ask people about what they believe is the iPhone 5, but is actually just an iPhone 4s? Find out here - http://youtu.be/rdIWKytq_q4

5. Celebrity Roundup - Lindsey Lohan allegedy crashed her Porsche into a person, championship boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather may have gotten into another domestic dispute, Dennis Quaid is reportedly being sued by a horse-back rider after Quaid allowed him to ride a horse on his property and a sprinkler activated scaring the horse.


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