What the Bleep?: What To Make of Modern Family's F-Bomb

Is Lily's utterance of a naughty word such a big deal?

On Wednesday night, ABC aired an episode of Modern Family during which its youngest character repeatedly dropped the F-bomb to laughs.

During the episode, entitled "Little Bo Bleep," the show's two-year-old character Lily repeatedly uses an expletive to her parents' chagrin--and half-hearted amusement. 

Although the show bleeped out the actual word, the episode, even before it aired, caught the attention of The No Cussing Club, which protested the episode, and in turn created a general media firestorm over making a joke over a toddler's swearing. The club, founded by a Brigham Young University student, has since amassed thousands of signatures from people in protest of the show. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, some of the show's actors have since fired back at the club's critique, arguing that the Viagra advertisements aired during the episode are more harmful than the act of swearing itself.

Do you think a toddler should be depicted swearing on air? Is this a big deal? Vote in our poll or post below.

Peter Monaghan January 20, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Does it happen in real life? Yes! Did the show, and the episode, portray it in a testful manner? Arguments can be made for both sides. Did the show handle it in accordance with how it has handled every other family issue in the series history? Yes. It didn't go to any great lengths to emphasize this plotline. What rattles my cage is the visual obscenities that I constantly see on the CSI's, Law & Orders, NCIS, etc. The violence, the gore, the blood. A two year old is bleeped and people are up in arms??? I will leave you with this America! ""In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous." And we make a show of it and call it entertainment!


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