Neighbor Ride Completes 75,000th Trip!

This afternoon, Neighbor Ride completed its 75,000th trip! The trip was provided by volunteer driver, Sarah Spence. Sarah is one of Neighbor Ride's original drivers - actively volunteering since services were launched in November 2004. Wilda Fancett, Sarah's passenger today, commented that "I love meeting the drivers because each one is so nice. Sarah quickly replied, "Well that's why we volunteer. We love meeting the passengers too!"

Congratulations to all our incredible volunteers who made reaching this milestone possible. You guys are amazing and we're looking forward to many, many more miles of smiles!

Members of the community can celebrate and support Neighbor Ride this month by voting for the nonprofit in the Tom's of Maine "50 States for Good" Community Giving Program.  Go to www.50StatesforGood.com, click VOTE ONLINE NOW, select Maryland, then click VOTE NOW.


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